Air pollution is a serious public health and environmental issue in metro Toronto. Stationary sources of pollution from industry and commercial operations continue to face more stringent regulations. A significant amount of pollution, however, is produced from mobile sources including cars and light duty trucks.
For detailed information regarding local laws, vehicles affected, who is affected or when, which wehicles are required to pass the test, or to find out when your vehicle will be tested, please visit Ontario's drive clean website
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We all can play a part to help combat smog. Since one of the major causes of smog is emissions from vehicles, you can do your part by ensuring you're driving clean. Read on for helpful hints on driving clean.Is your vehicle in-tune? A poorly tuned engine can consume an average of 10 per cent more fuel.

One equals 20. One poorly tuned vehicle can emit pollutants equivalent to 20 properly tuned cars.
Don't let your engine idle. Excessive idling pollutes. Turn off the engine whenever you can.
Low tires put pressure on fuel. Properly inflated tires improve fuel performance.
90 is optimum. The best fuel economy for most vehicles is under 90 km/h.
Light is right. The heavier the car, the more fuel it burns. Avoid unnecessary weight.
Plan your trips. Save money by planning activities and combining errands to reduce the number of times you start your vehicle.

Share the ride. Carpooling or ride sharing reduces the number of vehicles on the road.
Be aerodynamic. Reducing wind resistance on the highway cuts fuel consumption. Try rolling up the windows and opening the vents.

When filling your gas tank, choose gasoline with low sulphur content to ensure your vehicle runs efficiently, lasts longer and pollutes less.

Driving clean is a smart and economical choice. Making smart choices about how we drive our vehicles, especially during periods of high smog levels, can make a big difference to the air we breathe. Please share this information with your friends and neighbours.


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